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We now live in a world where we’re connected to everything except ourselves
Zat Rana
philosophy    294K claps    more

It’s as clear cut as this: Treat all women like you would treat Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Anne Victoria Clark
equality    163K claps    more

Everything sucks at first. Very few things suck forever
John Gorman
life-lessons    94K claps    more

You can’t wait to take perfectly Instagrammed photos of the meal to go along with your perfectly Instagrammed life
Sunil Rajaraman
san-francisco    97K claps    more

The irony is that the problem isn’t a lack of jobs. Rather, it’s a lack of people with the right skills and knowledge to fill the jobs
Michael Simmons
startup    59K claps    more

GHOST = Greedy Heaviest Observed Subtree
Preethi Kasireddy
cryptocurrency    51K claps    more

Each experience with a man who hurt or terrorized me had removed a brick or two from a load-bearing wall in my brain
Jenny Listman
sexual-assault    37K claps    more

Exponential progress, meet exponential friction
François Chollet
artificial-intelligence    36K claps    more

We’d rather do the quick, simple thing than the important complicated thing, even if the important complicated thing is ultimately a better use of time and energy
Buster Benson
psychology    50K claps    more

The greatest reward in becoming a millionaire is not the amount of money that you earn. It is the kind of person that you have to become to become a millionaire. — Jim Rohn
Benjamin Hardy, PhD
self-improvement    25K claps    more


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You need to make what he does less effective, by making sure that your people know that it is unacceptable for them to use what he’s saying to cloak their bigotry
Ijeoma Oluo
equality    27K claps    more

Anything is manageable if it isn’t forever
Roxane Gay
health    30K claps    more

There are no variables in Functional Programming
Charles Scalfani
functional-programming    38K claps    more

If you want to stay in the second cohort of programmers you may want to invest in learning how to create the machines, rather than simply operate them
Tyler Elliot Bettilyon
work    29K claps    more

Towards the end of 2017, it became possible to run Unity and Unreal game engines on Firefox. And now, the other major scanners have given their support, too
Ibrahim Nergiz
programming    22K claps    more

I knew exactly what I wanted to do — to create a space for writers I respect and admire to contribute to the ongoing conversation about unruly bodies and what it means to be human
Roxane Gay
writing    19.8K claps    more

Consumers need to feel confident about their purchase decisions, and mere flat images, dimensions or specs can’t replace the intimacy generated by trying the products in real-time, in the customer’s real environment
Gaston Viau
augmented-reality    17.7K claps    more

It’s much more than creating, it’s about understanding your problem so well that the solution is obvious
Garrett Kroll
ux    19K claps    more

We decided that addressing the jarring experience of the layout shift was a higher priority than backwards compatibility. The compromise was to use CSS Grid as an enhancement and fallback to Flexbox and other techniques when needed
Mina Markham
css    15.8K claps    more

Again: the only people celebrating the censorship of conservatives are leftists who haven’t been paying attention, and centrists like Shane Bauer who have been. Censorship is not our friend, my lefty brothers and sisters. Never has been, never will be
Caitlin Johnstone
politics    14.4K claps    more

When you’re searching for innovation, just remember that sometimes the most surprising solutions are hidden in the most mundane places — so it’s worth taking a second look at the ordinary
Savannah Reising
design    14.6K claps    more

Next time you have an idea and it gets rejected, I want you to think of these emails
Brian Chesky
venture-capital    17.9K claps    more

Now that Charlie Lee has admitted to dumping all of his Litecoins ( Archive ) after All Time Highs, I believe it’s a good time to bring this up
bitcoin    13.3K claps    more

We’re talking about building bullet trains and hyper-loops to Los Angeles, but there is no easy way to get from Oakland to Palo Alto
Justin Krause
economy    13.2K claps    more

Make it about the work and the principles behind it — not about a glorious vision
Ryan Holiday
sports    12.9K claps    more

Loneliness isn’t feeling like you don’t really know anybody. It’s feeling like nobody could ever really know you
John Gorman
relationships    35K claps    more

To think for yourself, you first have to put in the work to trust your own thought process
Zat Rana
self-improvement    12.4K claps    more

If you only get one item on this list, then I insist you buy this book and have it next to your bed
Tim Denning
productivity    12.1K claps    more

the American people are not stupid, they are being propagandized, and the people who are propagandizing them have names and addresses
Caitlin Johnstone
politics    11.7K claps    more

All of us have the power to do something incredible
Tim Denning
life-lessons    11.9K claps    more

If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions
Havana Nguyen
enterprise    16.3K claps    more

That’s another common experience for HSPs: internally struggling with self-doubt and low esteem because you feel broken
Melody Wilding, LMSW
psychology    15.7K claps    more

Dopamine is a prediction error system
Mark Humphries
neuroscience    13.7K claps    more

The pursuit of happiness through possessions is like a treadmill that never ends
Charles Chu
life-lessons    11.4K claps    more

That notebook then becomes an immutable historical record, containing all related artifacts — including source code, parameters, runtime config, execution logs, error messages, and so on
Netflix Technology Blog
data-science    14.5K claps    more

And I hate that person, that person with a gun, but I also think about how we failed them. Society, parents, schools, mental health providers, child protective services. I think about how someone, or many someones, failed them
Amanda Oliver
education    10.6K claps    more

There are other consequences to the declining value of the written freelance word. The most obvious is that skilled and insightful writers will ditch the profession for greener (but arguably less prosocial) pastures
Malcolm Harris
media    12.3K claps    more

Read Maxwell Maltz’s book: Psycho-Cybernetics , you will see how necessary our self-image is to our optimism, confidence and everyday success
Alex Mathers
life-lessons    10.4K claps    more

I’m going to share an important life secret with you: everyone’s making it up as they go along, and nobody knows what the fuck is happening
Caitlin Johnstone
politics    9.6K claps    more

Like any serious presidential campaign anywhere would consider dropping out of multiple states in exchange for the help of some random documentary guy
Caitlin Johnstone
politics    9.5K claps    more

By using my in an interface, it implies that the product is an extension of the user. It’s as if the product is labeling things on behalf of the user. My feels personal. It feels like you can customize and control it
John Saito
ux    11.7K claps    more

Both Einstein and Da Vinci, like many other effective people, were driven primarily by asking rather than answering, and it was the strength of their questions that ultimately shaped their lives
Zat Rana
self-improvement    9K claps    more

They will have to give this to you if enough of you demand it. The amount of effort they put in to lying to you proves that they are afraid of what will happen if you wake up to what they’re doing
Caitlin Johnstone
america    8.9K claps    more

Takeaway: it doesn’t matter how smart or inventive you are, the world doesn’t care and isn’t fair. Focus on execution and getting results
Li Jiang
google    8.7K claps    more

more startup founders are going remote because it’s a necessity rather than a luxury
Product Hunt
remote-working    8K claps    more

Little calls these places and activities where we can go to be ourselves restorative niches
Charles Chu
psychology    8.8K claps    more

The more whitespace there is around an object, the more the eye is drawn to it
Nick Babich
design    7.9K claps    more

Digital products become experiences when people use them
Christina Wodtke
design    8K claps    more

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world
Caitlin Johnstone
war    7.6K claps    more

Never, ever let anyone bully and cajole you for being skeptical of mainstream narratives instead of believing the say-so of malignant deceivers. Trust yourself. You are not being crazy, you are behaving logically. Don’t let them gaslight you
Caitlin Johnstone
syria    7K claps    more

Medium has become an ideas exchange, where thinkers, creators, and those with a story to share come to find their audience, move people, and move us all forward
Ev Williams
medium-update    7.3K claps    more

we need to figure out what society we want first. The future we want. And then we figure out the technology, the tools, that will get us there
Dan Hon
future    6.9K claps    more

This is what passes for the center in US politics today, ladies and gentlemen. A team of warmongering oligarchic sycophants collaborating to convince America that endless war and economic exploitation is in their best interests
Caitlin Johnstone
politics    6.3K claps    more

The best products do two things well: features and details. Features are what draw people to your product. Details are what keep them there. And details are what actually make our app stand out from our competition
Nick Babich
ux    7.7K claps    more

He had the sense that everyone was his brother or sister
J.P. Robinson
history    6.4K claps    more

If you want an extraordinary life, be extremely selective with whom you go to for counsel and guidance
Anthony Moore
success    5.8K claps    more

The famous Nobel winning physicist Richard Feynman understood the difference between knowing something and knowing the name of something and it’s one of the most important reasons for his success
Farnam Street (Shane Parrish)
education    6.9K claps    more

Polychrons see time as flowing infinitely; start and end times are hazy, and schedules are unstructured. Monochrons, however, see time in discrete units to be shuffled around neatly and diligently
Michael Metcalf
productivity    7.3K claps    more

What they never, ever like to do is acknowledge the far more uncomfortable fact that as bad as Trump is, he also still hasn’t done anything as bad as what the Obama administration did to Libya
Caitlin Johnstone
politics    5.6K claps    more

In other words, it leads to a hot Big Bang that arises from an inflationary state, not a singularity
Ethan Siegel
space    8.5K claps    more

Because if you just keep going, eventually you’ll find yourself somewhere
Noah Bradley
art    6.7K claps    more

Don’t change any properties besides opacity or transform!
Anand Sharma
css    6K claps    more

If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business, you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic
Andrew Wilkinson
startup    5.4K claps    more

Intentionally or not, society tends to place addictions on a spectrum, with socially acceptable vices falsely mapping to socially acceptable addictions and addicts
Stephanie Georgopulos
mental-health    5.3K claps    more

When you have a greater ability to take a human life you have a greater responsibility to prove your fitness to wield the tools that may create that end
Sara Benincasa
guns    4.6K claps    more

I didn’t change — I sloughed off the things that changed me, and it revealed more of what makes me who I am
Geoff Teehan
health    4.8K claps    more

Women are socially conditioned to self-blame
Alison Stevenson
sexuality    8K claps    more

When we try to plan everything out, we preclude the limitless possibilities. life is sending you perfect pitches all the time. All you have to do is swing the bat. Build Your Dreams, or Someone Else Will Pay You to Build Theirs
Edward Sullivan
life-lessons    4.3K claps    more

I’m so full of joy and happiness and the color yellow, and you’re literally a sad sack of potatoes with dark hair
Kate Schulman
humor    4.3K claps    more

Remember that your productivity is not going to decrease because you didn’t exhaustively read this list
Chris Danilo
productivity    4K claps    more

I love you, but we’re gonna fight in the alley the next time you visit
Lindsay Hunter
parenting    3.8K claps    more

Yeah, it works perfectly! Who knew Android phones supported ethernet interfaces?
Adam Geitgey
apple    3.2K claps    more

If an image is worth a thousand words, then a color is worth ten
Meng To
material-design    3.1K claps    more

And I will protest until love trumps hate
Elizabeth Licorish
politics    3K claps    more

being comfortable being uncomfortable is a very effective way to be a human
Rachel Ward
this-happened-to-me    3K claps    more

Micro interactions need to be swift, lasting at most 300–400 milliseconds, with clean, eased velocity curves
Issara Willenskomer
design    3.4K claps    more

Too many potential physicists and engineers spend their careers shifting money around in the financial sector, instead of applying their talents to innovating in the real economy
Pres. Obama (Archives)
economics    2.6K claps    more

Be more concerned with character than reputation. Character is what you are, reputation is what people think you are
Darius Foroux
social-media    2.9K claps    more

Facebook systematically overvalues AI, engineering, and automation, and devalues compliance, legal expertise, and ethics
Evan Selinger
business    2.6K claps    more

23 Productivity Hacks That Will Actually Make You Happy Pomodoro technique — work for 25 minutes, then give yourself a five-minute break
Larry Kim
productivity    2.5K claps    more

Folks, do the world a favour…stop with the safe spaces and trigger warnings, and get serious about changing the world
Bailey Lamon
free-speech    2.8K claps    more

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. — Jim Rohn
Francesco Marconi
life-lessons    2.4K claps    more

As long as racism remains intact, poor white people are guaranteed not to be the worst
Emma Lindsay
politics    2.2K claps    more

Android: Ready to be changed, mom!
Alana Hope Levinson
emoji    2.1K claps    more

Pantsuit is Hillary for America’s internal design system
Mina Markham
css    3.2K claps    more

In order to make well designed products, we need to transcend that which holds us back from making things great, like fear, greed, attachment, ego
Irene Au
design    2.5K claps    more

A good designer can organise chaos. A great designer can eliminate chaos
Michael Wong
user-experience    2.3K claps    more

This is not the plot twist you’re looking for
Ben Ostrower
star-wars    2K claps    more

We don’t stop being human when we go online
Beth Dean
design    2.1K claps    more

Humans have greater recall of unpleasant memories compared to positive ones
Alvin Hsia
startup    1.8K claps    more

That’s why it’s good business practice to follow-up by email (or any persistant type of communication) to recap decisions and actions points after a vocal discussion
Adrien Joly
communication    1.7K claps    more

Lately I find nothing more romantic than falling out of touch
Stephanie Georgopulos
relationships    2.2K claps    more

Writing maintainable CSS is now encouraged, not by careful adherence to a naming convention, but by style encapsulation during development
Mark Dalgleish
css    1.5K claps    more

Their lives have already been spoiled, she tells me solemnly. When they come back… Nothing, nothing can help them. They’ll never be the same
Sarah A. Topol
world    1.5K claps    more

But, whether he knew it or not, the fact that he cared for my opinion encouraged me to strive to do my best. And as a result, I ended up doing more than I knew I was capable of
Arno Gourdol
steve-jobs    1.5K claps    more

Starting with heart means examining your motives and making sure you have a clear picture of the outcome you want before trying to navigate a conflict
Julie Zhuo
personal-development    1.3K claps    more

This bug is a harbinger of very scary, and very exciting times
Marcin Wichary
internationalization    1.3K claps    more

The Junior Creative who stayed late for 2 weeks getting the project out of the door, the account manager who endured weekend calls from the client asking to make a logo bigger, these guys are the agency heroes
Murat Mutlu
design    1.4K claps    more

No one ever told my mom she was beautiful. No one told her that she was enough. No one reassured her that it would be okay
moms    1.1K claps    more

I quickly found out that the potential of data doesn’t necessarily render it easier to make decisions. in the F
Cemre Güngör
this-happened-to-me    1K claps    more

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